Thursday, 11 October 2012

Feeling of being confused

So are you going this way? No!!!..that must be that!!! then where you want to go? Are you not sure? 
Have you have felt that you’re standing at cross road and you can’t see any sign for process which way should you go? Will road leads to your destination? 

We call this feeling as “Confusion” where we can’t decide what we really wanna do…

As per definition it says

          “Unable to think clearly”

So confusion is what in real? I don’t know I am also confused :) 

For me I am confused when I have mixed feelings sometime it’s like should I feel happy for this or sad for this.

Why somebody get confused? Plenty of reason behind it…

You’re not focused; you’re not sure what you are looking, your expectations from life, jealousy and plenty of other things.

Let’s see why you feel the confusion in medication term…

There are loads of causes for this feeling list is as below.

Low Blood Sugar
Nutrition Deficiency
Lack of Sleep

List can go on and on…..But other many concern is not to go for physical things because we cause things from outside of our body so if we can sort it out from outside we can cure inside.

We always have mixture of feelings whenever we got confused so anything.
For example my favorite “LOVE”  
When someone proposed you what kind of confusion will you have?
Why should I say yes? Does She/he is good enough for me? Should I be compatible with her/him? What she/he really wanted from me? There are plenty of others why she/he wanted me? And many vaguer scenarios you create in your mind.

Why? Why? Why we asking this question? Simple do like her/him then say yes else no..Simple as that…spend some time and then judge…

Should I Buy this car? It looks good but bumper has not much aerodynamic view, but color looks nice, nice configuration but features are not up to what other cars offers..

See this type of question we ask ourselves and make our self confused. I said you like his car then does it in your budget? If no then……….why you discussion this much. If yes then ok check configuration, features etc etc but check your budget and then compare with other cars or same segment and same price. Stop making yourself confused.

So we can say that we are creating worst combination of feelings… Happy, Sad, depressed, underestimated, overestimated, vague etc etc

All this questions create different feelings and these different feelings make as confused.

Now I can give some suggestion how to make decision but all up to my knowledge and what I do when I am confused….

Next time when you get confused take a pen and paper.. Make 2 columns. Choose 1st part as Positive side and other is as negative side.  

Now start writing positive and negative side of the thing what are confused about.
Now give point from 1 to 10 to each. Add all the points in positive now add all the points in negative. Whichever side comes with higher number is your answer to your confusion.

Actually in major cases we got confuse because we are afraid of losing something. But think one thing that, when you were born you never bring anything with you and you will not take it anything with you when you die.

What if you make wrong decision? Nothing, it is great that you have taken that decision and got something, rather than not getting anything.

Something is always better than nothing so if you’re confused then go for the procedure your think good for taking decision or the best way I can show you J is aim for nothing.

If you’re shooting something you’re aim is at that thing, you know what you are shooting and you will have it if you shoot that. But in confused feeling you don’t know what you are shooting at, but I say aim at nothing is better than not shooting at all.

When you are aim at nothing it’s confirmed that you’re gonna shoot something. So you will get something at least and then think the thing you have shot is good for you or not to keep further.

So confusion is what we make ourselves by creative a whole new definition of decision making.

So don’t be afraid, choose what you really want, go for it and then if you think it’s not good enough leave it but give it a chance.

So this is it….don’t want to make you more confused J Keep reading and Keep feeling…..  :) 

Monday, 8 October 2012

Feeling of being Rejected

Have you ever been rejected??? If yes then this article is for understand what really happens with you during and after rejection. Also up to my knowledge I will also try to explain how to overcome it.

We all have been rejected at many moments in our life; we all know what it feels like. Not good at all...Am I right? Obviously I am, because nobody likes to be rejected in any manner. I have felt it you have and the entire human species on the planet have felt it.

So what you feel, devastated, sad, out-caste  horrible, frustrated, afraid, end of the world, panicked, angry, dishearten,  discouraged, dreadful,  agonized, offended, victimized of what…I can write different words all day for this feeling. But those are not enough to express what you feel when you are rejected.

Okie lets go for the definition first.

“ To refuse to accept, submit to, believe, or make use of, to consider or grant, to recognize or give affection to etc etc “

Our  life’s all problems are in the line aboveJ. Sort it out and we will never have any problems in our life at all. Which is not possible at all, so stop worrying and start living.

Now let’s go on psychology side on this matter,   
Just like physical pain, social/emotion pain exist what we call in words as broken heart and hurt feelings.

The researchers found that during the rejection, the level of activity is visible in part of the brain -- the right ventral prefrontal cortex – Which is Located behind the forehead and eyes, the prefrontal cortex is associated with thinking about emotions and with self-control.

In simple manner when you having physical pain your subconscious mind automatically register the cause of a pain, in same manner our mind register different social activities around us. While we get alarm situation when we about get same physical pain our subconscious mind make decision to avoid it.

Now due to our social and emotional bonding with things living or non-living, when we get rejection it cause social pain and our subconscious mind try to avoid it but the part of brain “the right ventral prefrontal cortex” where we have control to, we  tortured it  with about thoughts. Now these emotional thoughts make us sad and we feel what we feel after rejection.

So in the sense we can say that you are the only one who’s responsible for the feeling you are feeling after rejection.

Now you can understand why you do have rejection in any manner? Simple, you’re not worth for that. Just kidding….. No is not what you think of.

Rejection is a solely based on you is and you’re self only. Now you must be saying what a rubbish it’s real.

Let’s take 2 most common rejection examples.

Have got rejected by him/her …..lolzzzzz

Really? Let’s go in deep in this matter……I love this matter…..”love”

So why you have got rejection in a relationship… plenty of reason behind it
50% rejected cause of appearance
25 % lack of communication
10% family problems
10% personal habits (Jealousy, burden, flirty, personal hygiene etc etc)
5% I don’t know find you’re self

But ask yourself only 1 question does she/he worth for me? If answer comes “NO” then you don’t have to feel this feeling of being rejected because she/he wasn't worth for you and why should you worry about not getting unworthy thing...
If the answer comes yes then you’re a fool. Nobody has a copyright to be worth….everyone in this world is worth. Try next train for the destination fellas…….

Second most common rejection is rejection on Job..

In this matter you’re not qualified or experienced enough simple as that..In 80% of rejection is right on it place, while other 10% rejection happened because we live in the world where corruption is common. If you know any politician or if you have good money you can pay big bosses to secure your job.
 While 5% you can blame your luck and other 5% I don’t know 

It doesn't matter why you have been rejected, the matters is how to overcome it as soon as possible.
In writing it seems very easy, but in real it feels awful and hard to overcome it. In real life there is always a next opportunity waiting on next step. Wont give you much suggestion because you understand more then me but  a little from my side....

To overcome this feeling you only need to do one thing control you’re “the right ventral prefrontal cortex” … ;)

The best part is we are the healer of our wounds. If we control our mind with certain thoughts and emotions for a while then we can control on our feelings also. In this particular feeling if you control your emotional part and stop torturing yourself with negative thoughts, you can over come easily from it.

Study shows that, animal with damaged cortex cant feel social pains. I am not saying that you need to have damaged cortex but this means if you can control your emotions and thoughts this cortex adopt it easily and you will get over from any social pain easily.

In addition for controlling your emotions and negative with your friend, family and people you believe is worth for you. Listen music. Go and explore happiness. Try positive thought to control emotions and stop thinking same and same old stuff that happened with you.

There’s happiness lying in very small things, you just need to find it, you’re special to someone that you have to never forget.

One rejection can’t take decision of your entire life; show must go on in any situation

 Be yourself and control your “right ventral prefrontal cortex”  and keep going for next....

So this is it on Feeling of being rejected….keep reading and keep feeling…. 

Friday, 5 October 2012

A Feeling of Love

Hello folks I am back with a new feeling. A feeling of love, The most desirable feeling in our life.
So what really love is. In dictionary it says

 “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” 

 As my profound nature I don’t agree on this feeling with its definition only.  Why should I agree with something written in dictionary? We all have different level of feeling to feel particular feeling...Am I right?  

Love as a feeling is not alone. Feeling of love is attached with different feeling all together. Happiness, sadness, depression , energetic, joy, ecstasy, anxiousness, excited, top of moon etc etc.

There are different types of love as we know….. Love with your partner, Love towards your parents, your siblings, your friends etc.  But most interesting feeling of love we love to talk is always with your partner. Towards whom you fall without any reasons ;)

So here we go in detail why do we fall for them, what are the changes comes, how our life take different track etc etc :P

Now why it happens  …lets go for psychology first…..

When you see some and you feel Goosebumps, that’s nothing but your mind making a cocktail of bio-chemicals in your body……It only takes 90 seconds to 4 minutes, to decide your fancy for someone. If you believe or not you fall in love with someone in first 5 minute of your meeting and then it’s all goes ……
So how we choose, it’s all happens as below

55% through their body language
38% through tone and speed of voice
7% through what they talk and how they talk….

Although something happened which force us to think that, this is the person for me, is still a mystery
: P for me though……

What is love at first sight?
Nothing but some chemical mix up ….When u see some1 3 Chemical do their work very precisely
First culprit chemical is …
Adrenaline:  At initial stage, the right person start stress response in your body, increase level of Adrenaline and cortisol and because of that you sweat, feeling of Goosebumps, increasing your heart rates and you mouth go dry. :P
You all might felt this ….am I right? So you understood the logic behind it J  

Second one is the bigger Culprit chemical and it called
Dopamine: Love -struck couple has been examined and found high level of neurotransmitter Dopamine in their brain. This chemical triggers an intense rush of pleasure which stimulates desire and rewards.  If you know then “it is the same effect as talking cocaine”!!!!!
Now biggest question that arise in your mind during the love…Why my energy level is increased , less need of sleep or food, can’t focus on anything…this all happened cause of Increasing level of Dopamine J
Last one is
Serotonin: Do you know why you feel your love around you all the time? This chemical makes that happened. This chemical when you are falling love, keeps popping he/she in your thoughts.

So these are the Physiological way of love, now what happened when you fall in love with someone.
One relation makes many changes in your life in addition to chemical changes…

You must have heard that “Your changed since your relation starts” Does it right, yes it is. Have you have focused on that? Here are some reasons why it is

Plenty of us never kept our parents or siblings picture with us, but the minute your proposal accepted you start to keep your partner’s picture in your wallet/purse or in your mobile, also as desktop wallpaper.
We go with our friends now and then but once you are in relation you don’t have time for them.
You spend so much time on calling and Face booking, chatting with them.
Lose concentration and many other changes. I don’t have to give list over here, you all have felt that and done that.
So some changes are positive and some are negative. You are not the person who can judge does it good or bad. It always shows you the marks in future and that time you can judge was it good or bad.
When you love someone, love with passion not just for name of doing. Love will give you the utmost pleasure that you have never felt before also if you don’t balance it with your routine life it can make the biggest destruction.
Never ever give your life in the hand of other person, you never know what will be the future and you might get hurt badly and that feeling is the worst feeling of anyone’s life.
If you find your soul mate, then please never ever forget  the people before he/she, who were there with you in every situation your parents.

Now go love your loved one and if you haven’t found anyone then go and find one and feel the most beautiful feeling of god’s creation. Keep Feeling :P

Thursday, 4 October 2012


Hello Folks,

I was feeling odd today and thought to search on Google ;) why i am feeling this but haven't got any good place to understand why i am really feeling like this. So I thought to give a try to write down a blog where i can update different feeling of human being with my thoughts. You all are welcome to discuss in detail if you think these things happened to you.

I am not an expert in any matters or psychiatrist or critic, I am just simple person like others. I feel everything like others do and i have heart too. So i will never be too harsh on any topic i post and also expect from other also.

Now what is a feeling, In dictionary it says "The sensation involving perception by touch." But do you really think it is what in real :P it is but for me its more than that. Feeling is what i think is a way different than sensation. It affects plenty of things in your life.

Feeling: When you propose someone, when you have break up, When you earn loads of money, when you lost loads of money, birth, death, creation, destruction, family problems, physical problems, happiness  sadness. there are plenty of other things.

Why its a different then it's definition : When i have started to write this I was having plenty of problems but who cares life has to go on. that all we say right? when we have problems. I say that's a good positive way of life and it is always good. But when some odd feeling started to take over your life then its a time to rethink it. Feeling not only felt by sensation it felt by your life, at every feeling something new happened in your life.

Plenty of big changes come in your life in good way or bad way. Now you are the judge of those changes .....does it good or bad?

Good Feeling or Bad Feeling or Mixed feeling we all know this 3 feelings. Why? because we are taught to think of it. We cant give a label to any feel. We think something happened to us is good as feeling but in real it might be bad to you or people around you. In same way we can say for bad feeling.

Feeling is what you feel also depend and effect others. If you earn loads of money you are happy but plenty of others are not happy (jealousy). If you had break up with your partner, your feeling is too bad but a person whose now with your partner feeling good on your bad feeling.

This is sensitive part of life, when you feel something psychologically you are entering in another world, your own world. where you are the King/ Queen and can rule your own world. But never ever let that feelings to take over on your real world. Enjoy your feeling as much as you can. Nothing is permanent so does the feeling also but it will leave some of its mark in your life for forever.

I know i have given little and most worst discussion over here with most insufficient meaning. But I am not a writer so i have expressed  what i felt and will update on particular feelings in next blogs. Till then feel you feelings.