Thursday, 4 October 2012


Hello Folks,

I was feeling odd today and thought to search on Google ;) why i am feeling this but haven't got any good place to understand why i am really feeling like this. So I thought to give a try to write down a blog where i can update different feeling of human being with my thoughts. You all are welcome to discuss in detail if you think these things happened to you.

I am not an expert in any matters or psychiatrist or critic, I am just simple person like others. I feel everything like others do and i have heart too. So i will never be too harsh on any topic i post and also expect from other also.

Now what is a feeling, In dictionary it says "The sensation involving perception by touch." But do you really think it is what in real :P it is but for me its more than that. Feeling is what i think is a way different than sensation. It affects plenty of things in your life.

Feeling: When you propose someone, when you have break up, When you earn loads of money, when you lost loads of money, birth, death, creation, destruction, family problems, physical problems, happiness  sadness. there are plenty of other things.

Why its a different then it's definition : When i have started to write this I was having plenty of problems but who cares life has to go on. that all we say right? when we have problems. I say that's a good positive way of life and it is always good. But when some odd feeling started to take over your life then its a time to rethink it. Feeling not only felt by sensation it felt by your life, at every feeling something new happened in your life.

Plenty of big changes come in your life in good way or bad way. Now you are the judge of those changes .....does it good or bad?

Good Feeling or Bad Feeling or Mixed feeling we all know this 3 feelings. Why? because we are taught to think of it. We cant give a label to any feel. We think something happened to us is good as feeling but in real it might be bad to you or people around you. In same way we can say for bad feeling.

Feeling is what you feel also depend and effect others. If you earn loads of money you are happy but plenty of others are not happy (jealousy). If you had break up with your partner, your feeling is too bad but a person whose now with your partner feeling good on your bad feeling.

This is sensitive part of life, when you feel something psychologically you are entering in another world, your own world. where you are the King/ Queen and can rule your own world. But never ever let that feelings to take over on your real world. Enjoy your feeling as much as you can. Nothing is permanent so does the feeling also but it will leave some of its mark in your life for forever.

I know i have given little and most worst discussion over here with most insufficient meaning. But I am not a writer so i have expressed  what i felt and will update on particular feelings in next blogs. Till then feel you feelings.

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